22,000 kg burmese supari seized in Nagaon

burmese supari seized in Nagaon

Nagaon police managed to seize two Burmese supari filled trucks last night.

During the nagaon police search, two Burmese suparifilled trucks coming towards Guwahati from Hojai around 10pm last night were under the control of Nonoi police station under Nagaon Sadar police station. No Ordered to be stopped on the national highway river though the police managed to seize the two trucks full of supari as the drivers of the two trucks wanted to disobey the police orders.

The police arrested the two drivers. The number of the two 10-wheeler trucks seized by the police These are AS-25 AC-5516 and AS-02 E-5871.

The two truck drivers arrested by the police are Ganesh Satnami (38) of Hojai Shingarivasti and Sanjeev Singh (41) of Vishnupur. Police seized 318 Burmese supari bags of 22,260 kg from the two trucks. Nagaon police have registered a case under Section 353/307/120 (B)/379/411/420/34 of the Indian Penal Code at Nagaon Sadar police station in this regard and are continuing their investigation on 2078/21.

It may be mentioned that Burmese supari has been supplied to the state as well as outside the state through Nagaon district for a long time. Burmese supari traders using Nagaon district as a corridor for burmese supari supply. Burmese supari is being supplied in front of various police stations and police stations in the district. The supply of Burmese supari has been carried out by the traders in secret understanding with the concerned quarters.

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