Hundreds Trapped in Guwahati's Rain Garbhanga Areas...



Heavy rains in Garbhanga, near Guwahati have trapped hundred of toursits and caused damaged to several vehicles, and tress falling causing additional damage.

There are 1000+ people in the city
Hundreds of people are trapped while visiting the Bhalukjar Falls
The rescue operation continued till midnight
Rescue teams have already rescued them all
SDRF-NDRF forces and administration rescued the victims
More than 20 vehicles were damaged in the storm, the victims were identified as 19-year-old Arun Kumar and 19-year-old Arun Kumar. 

Mira Barthakur visits the needy in Bhangagar,there is a lot of damage to the people of Matang and Jalukpaham

Barthakur talks to people who are dealing with the situations. 

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