Former Ex- Maharashtra CM & Lok Sabha Speaker Manohar Joshi Passes Away....


Ex- Chief Minister and former speaker of Lok Sabha Manohar Joshi passed away on February 23 at around 3 AM in Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai. As per reports he had been admitted to Hinduja Hospitsal earlier on February 21 after he suffered from a cardiac arrest.

PM Narendra Modi took to his condolences and many of political leaders paid their tributes to former Lok Sabha speaker and Maharashtra ex-chief minister of Manohar Joshi.

Manohar Josh was 86 years oldand previously served as the Chief Minister of Maharastra from 1995-1999 and as the speaker of the Lok Sabha from 2002-2004.

His last rites will be later on today at the Dadar Shivaji Park Creamatourim with full state honours, as media report stated.

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