CCI Fines Google Rs 1,338 Crore, Know Why?


Google has been fined Rs 1337.76 crore from the Indian side. The fine has been imposed by the Competition Commission of India.

It is alleged that Google has done a bad job by taking advantage of its strong presence in the field of Android mobile.

That is why the CCI has clearly stated that Google should stop its improper activities and solve it within a certain period of time.

The regulator said manufacturers of devices running on Android should not be forced to pre-install Google services on their devices. It also asked Google to provide fair access to all stakeholders.

According to the CCI side, influential sites like Google have a responsibility to ensure that their behaviour does not affect competition on merit.

Noted that Google has perpetuated its dominant position in the online search market, thereby denying market access to competitive apps.

It has used dominant positions in the Android App Store market to secure its position in online general search, which violates competition laws.

In April 2019, a detailed inquiry was ordered following complaints by Android-based smartphone users in the country.

Google's Android is an open-source, mobile operating system installed by the OEM of smartphones and tablets.

At the heart of the case are various agreements made by Google with mobile manufacturers for Android use.

Their terms and conditions impose restrictions on mobile companies, forcing them to exclude services offered by Google's rivals.