Lionel Messi confirms Qatar will be his last World Cup

Lionel Messi Last World Cup

Seven-time Ballon d'Or winner Lionel Messi has announced that the upcoming Qatar World Cup will be his last. Messi, who is widely regarded as the best player to have played this match, will play his fifth FIFA World Cup this year and will look to get this prestigious trophy in hand for the first time. In the 2014 World Cup, he was closest to winning the trophy but argentina lost 0-1 to Germany in the final.

In a conversation with Star Plus in Argentina, when asked if the upcoming World Cup will end, he confirmed, "This will be my last World Cup — for sure. The decision has been taken. ”

Messi took Argentina to the Copa América Trophy in 2021 after 28 years and the South American team is also one of qatar's favourite teams to win the World Cup.

Riyan, 35, said Argentina's history has always been considered a candidate for winning trophies. "We don't know if we are favourite candidates, but because of history, Argentina is always a candidate for what it means.

But the seven-time record winner, The Ballon d'Or winner, suggests that they are not the top favourites of the tournament because according to him some other teams are a little better than them. "We are not top favourites as if in my understanding. There are other teams on us today, but we are very close. - Messi says.

The PSG forward has performed in great form with both the club and the country this time. Argentina, on the other hand, are currently enjoying an unbeaten streak of 35 matches starting in 2019.

Messi, meanwhile, is expected to continue playing club football but his contract at PSG ends last year and France Giants will try to extend the deal, while his former club Barcelona are also likely to be signed again.

Messi joined the PSG last season when Barcelona had to leave due to the club's financial condition due to which they could not renew Argentina's contract. One of the main reasons behind the French team joining was Neymar as the star forward also convinced the seven-time Ballon D'Or winner to come to Paris while looking for a new club.

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