'Virat' controversy fades India's victory glory!

'Virat' controversy fades India's victory glory!

Virat Kohli is a colourful character in world cricket.

Kohli's presence at the 22-yard ground has given the Indian team a new dimension.

But the star cricketer seems to be unable to express emotions. So Virat Kohli is also seen getting embroiled in controversy from time to time for some activities.

The Kohli-centric debate also continues in parallel with India's historic win over England in the Oval Test. Virat Kohli was elated to catch England in the Oval Test. Kohli even addressed the England supporters.

The Indian cricket team captain has come under intense criticism for focusing on him.

The Indian captain has also been widely criticised in the Cricket Circle of England. It may be recalled that Kohli was seen joying with the ringing of the flute again and again as England fell one wicket after another at regular breaks on the field. In fact, this is the same as the Burmese Army.

The Burmese Army trole the England opposition with this gesture at the cricket field. Kohli also tangled england's counterpart with the same gesture in the Oval Test. Not even The Holi missed the free chance of England's england's film fan to trule the Burmese Army group. That too on the England field. Many have called The Kohli incident 'Classless' in its true stupor.

Lawrence Booth, a journalist for The Daily Mail, England's leading newspaper, sarcastically wrote, 'Well, teammates are celebrating the fall of wickets together. And Kohli has mocked the England fans at the same time. To be honest I don't like it at all. It seems surprising that a top-level team has not been able to settle down even after crushing their opponents miserably. Targeting party supporters as well. However, the star cricketer has not commented on the controversy.