Salman Khan Gets Arms Licence After Death Threats


Salman Khan has been granted the Arms licence for self-protection. Following the death threat the actress applied for the Arms licence. In early June, the actor and his father received a death threat, just days after singer Sidhu Moose Wala was shot dead near Punjab’s Mansa on May 29.

After Mr Khan met with the Mumbai Police Commissioner last month, the licensing authority launched the necessary investigation.

Mumbai police have revealed that an arms licence has been issued to actor Salman Khan after he applied for self-protection following a recent threat. The actor and his father were seen threatening to die in early June, days after popular Punjab immemorial musician Sidhu Moose wala was shot dead on May 29.

The authorities had launched a necessary probe by issuing licences after Khan met the Mumbai police commissioner last month. 

It may be recalled that the actor visited mumbai police headquarters late last month and met top policeman Vivek Funsalkar for a gun licence.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s death threat against Salman Khan was in connection with the 1998 black buck poaching case, in which the actor was a suspect.

The actor’s father found the unsigned letter on a bench where he sits every morning after jogging.

The actor received a letter in Hindi stating that he and his son would suffer the same fate as murdered singer Siddhu Moosewala (‘Tera Moosawala bana denge’).