Manipur Goverenment Implements No Work No Pay  Rule to Govt Officials…..  


All Deputy Commisioners are required to take steps in this regard to ensure enforcement in all officies within their respective districts, the other further stated.



On March 6, Wedensday, the Manipur Goverenment introduced a ‘no work, no pay’  rule for all the state government employees who have remained absent from the office without valid or accepted reasons.



Vineet Joshi, the Chief Secretary  (DP)  stated that ‘Officials under the state government who are unable to attend the office at their usual place of posting on account  of the prevailing law and oder situation in the state had been attached with Deputy Commisioners/line departments/field levels offices to enable them to function  thereform, or for disharing suvh responsibilities  as maybe assigned to them, by the Deputy Commisioners concerned, or such authorities duly authorised in  this regard.



The principle of  ‘No work, No pay’ shall be applied to any officials who has not reported to the authority to which they have been assigned, or who is not attending such offices without a valid and accepted reason.


As per reports, the records along with ‘reports of improper conduct, iif any shall be shared with those responsible for disbursing the salary of the officials concerned.