Lunar eclipse on November 19, 2021 will be the longest one in 1,000 years

Lunar Eclipse

Tomorrow i.e. the last lunar eclipse of the year will take place on November 19. Kartik Purnima tomorrow. It may be recalled that after 580 years, the world will witness a rare cosmic phenomenon.

This partial lunar eclipse will take place tomorrow for the longest time after 580 years. It will start at 11.34 am Indian Time and will end at 5.33 pm.

The eclipse will last for more than 3 hours. The lunar eclipse in India will start from 12.48 pm and last till 4.17 pm. 

Several YouTube channels will broadcast live if you want to watch the lunar eclipse. India as well as North America, South America, East Asia and Australia will be visible in this lunar eclipse.

Clearly visible from the Pacific region and parts of north east India. The eclipse will be visible to some extent in Assam. The doors of kamakhya temple will remain closed during this period. The moon will light up tomorrow in grey and red.