Kaziranga National Park: Kaziranga National Park to be partially opened to tourists from tomorrow

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park will be partially open to tourists from tomorrow. The park will officially open to tourists at 8am. The forest minister is likely to attend the opening ceremony of the park. Park DFO Ramesh Gogoi said only a portion of the tourist track in Kahra and Bagri forests will be repaired and released to tourists.

The national park can be visited by tourists with jeep safari in The Kahra and Bagri forests in the first phase. So the Kaziranga National Park Authority has repaired tourist tracks, bridges etc. in both the forests. The forests will be partially opened recently but the complete tourist track will be opened to tourists when the repair work is completed.

It may be recalled that the park was flooded too late this time so water is yet to dry up in many areas. The park authorities said the old hills and agaratli forests will also be open to tourists if the situation improves. Elephant safari on the other hand will be open to tourists in November. Epin does not have a covid protocol in Kaziranga but the park authorities have urged everyone to take precautions.

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