Is It a Ghost? Mysterious Pale Creature Captured On CCTV, Netizens Are Left Horrified


A 33-second video of a mysterious pale human-like figure caught on security camera in Morehead, Kentucky, has sparked a debate among paranormal enthusiasts on the social media.  

A mysterious, pale and skinny figure that assembles like humans was caught on a security camera near a house in Kentucky, United States.

As soon as the video surfaced on Twitter, people started speculating whether it’s some alien, ghost or some paranormal activity. In the video, the strange figure with a hunched back, was seen leaned over close to a house’s backyard. He was then caught walking slowly and carefully while approaching the home owner’s car.

"You can see his face clearly,” the person recording the video can be heard saying.

“Here’s the video of the Pale creature caught on a security cam near Moorhead, KY,” read the caption shared along with the video on Twitter.


Many people have been asking questions about the creature’s appearance and conduct. Some have also questioned the authenticity of the video. In a funny tone, a user noted that the cameras are much better now, but they still seem to have poor quality.

Alien (1979)” wrote one Twitter user. “First, there’s no shadow. Second, that’s not a pale creature. That’s just me trying to find my way back to my house after having too much booze at the local bar,” poked fun, a third Twitterati.


The footage has been viewed more than 6 lakh times on YouTube and has gained over 7000 likes. What would you do if you come across such an unusual creature?

In addition to this, this isn’t the first time that a purported supernatural creature has been captured and made viral online. In 2020, the Pentagon released a series of videos that showed encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena. Many people believe these encounters were proof of the existence of extraterrestrials or Unidentified Flying Objects.